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You have a story worth telling and not every asset can be read on a balance sheet. It’s about more than just the numbers. It’s about the impact you’re having in your markets. The degree of your innovation. It’s the character of the people on your team and the future of your business.

For your message to make an impact, it must be both compelling and consistent. At TMX Equicom, we have an in-house strategic design team dedicated to this goal. Television ads, sitcoms, videos and electronic games have all shaped how we interpret and understand our world. You have 30 seconds to make an impact or you lose your audience. After that, you have another 30 seconds to keep them engaged.

Why should your corporate video be any different?

At TMX Equicom, we use intrigue, courage, emotion, plot, surprise, depth, understanding, empathy and all the other proven tools used by master storytellers to make a lasting impression. Even in today’s 30-second world.

Services :

Location Shooting

Product Animations



Voice-over & Casting


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