Engage your audience

A live event is an opportunity to make an emotional connection with your audience. It’s an opportunity to align your goals, collaborate with your audience and engage them to generate positive change for your business. It’s an opportunity you want to make the most of.

At TMX Equicom, we have the experience to make that happen. We start by asking questions, to truly understand your enterprise and your goals. This enables us to design with a purpose – your purpose. Our team then translates your goals into a visually engaging and logistically sound event that is managed from start to finish. The result is a high impact production that meets your objectives.

Whether it’s a CEO presentation, a national sales meeting, or a major product launch, your event will be memorable, motivational and have measurable impact long after you have left the room.


National Sales Meetings

Product Launches

Continuing Health Education Meeting


Full-Service Event Management

Audiovisual Production

Presentation Scripting and Development

Speaker Training and Coaching

Creative and Theme Concept Development

Video Production and Animations

Graphic Design and Print Production

Multimedia and Website Development

Entertainment and Speaker Procurement

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