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Trillium Therapeutics Branding
  • Corporate Website Home-page Design

  • Interactive Stock Chart

  • Trillium Therapeutics needed a new brand to position the company as a next-generation research and development company, evoking healthcare with a science focus. The logo solution deploys technical, precise dots in the shape of a trillium to reflect a research and development company, with a somewhat conservative feeling at the same time. The blue tone strikes the right balance between vibrant innovation and established reliable management. The corporate website was redesigned as part of the new identity. Key messages are accented with bold illustrations to reach the primary audience: institutional investors with an advanced knowledge of the biotech industry.

CENX Branding
  • Business Cards
    & Letterhead

  • Corporate Website Design

    Responsive View

  • Data Sheet Design

  • CENX required a new brand identity to support the company’s evolution to a service and software provider in the mobile phone space. The solution for the logo plays on name of the company, as it can sound like “see next” — a subtle arrow fits into the x to reinforce the company’s advanced technology DNA. Arrows were developed as a visual device to be used in various marketing materials. A primary and secondary colour palette was developed to be consistently applied, in order to establish a recognizable brand presence. The new look demonstrates sophistication, solid performance and aggressive market growth.

MbAC Fertilizer Website
  • Interior Pages Feature Information Graphics

  • Asset Page

  • About to make the jump from exploration to production, MbAC engaged TMX Equicom to update their website. The design plays up the Brazilian location of the lead projects using vibrant colours. A grid system within the design keeps information organized and easy to find. The content pages were carefully considered with icons and information graphics integrated into the design. A Portuguese version of the site was created for the Brazilian audience. The new site visually positions MbAC as a serious producing organization with potential for growth.

TransAlta Renewables Website
  • Facilities Dashboard Design

  • Facility Page Design

  • TransAlta Renewables wanted to launch with a new look that built on the strong TransAlta brand, with its own unique renewables feel. The website design features beautiful site photography combined with call outs and big numbers to tell the company’s story. A custom interactive map was created with links to Google Maps to showcase locations. TMX Equicom partnered with TransAlta Renewables’ investor relations team to develop a dashboard-style landing page based on best practices in disclosure.

Largo Resources Website
  • Largo Resources Ltd. is a Canadian-based resource company focused on developing projects in Brazil and Canada. Poised to become the world’s premier producer of Vanadium, Largo gave us the mandate to update the logo and develop a full corporate identity accompanied by a brand manual, along with a new website design. Bold rollovers and interactive dashboards on the website keep users’ attention and draw them deeper into the content. The site architecture is clear, so that users can quickly find what they are looking for. A blog feature and an easy to use content management system ensures that content is easy to keep up-to-date.

Baylin Technologies Website
  • When the Israeli-based antenna manufacturer Galtronics listed on the TSX as Baylin Technologies, a new website was needed. TMX Equicom designed and coded a responsive site with a sleek look and feel fitting the high-tech company. Bold rollovers highlight key content while an easy to use content management system ensures the content is always up to date.

Gran Tierra Annual Report
  • Gran Tierra wanted to celebrate a very successful year in way that would reflect the company's culture of innovative exploration and discovery in oil resources. To achieve this, the annual was designed with two views in mind—high level and on the ground. The Corporate Profile provides high-level information designed in a dashboard format. The smaller book features the on the ground view, highlighting the challenges, excitement and pride the people of Gran Tierra experience during a typical day on the job. The unique binding and custom typography communicates the company’s innovative spirit and culture while keeping a corporate feel.

Sirius XM Canada Annual Report
  • Objectives for the 2013 annual report were to solidify the position of SiriusXM Canada as a leader in audio entertainment, demonstrate the stability of financial results and show multiple opportunities for continued growth. The 2013 annual report concept conveys how SiriusXM Canada continues to deliver more value, both to subscribers and investors. Top artists are featured on the cover within a unique typographic treatment to demonstrate the quality of the content, while bringing the brand experience to the investment community. The design focused a full spread on the ultimate experience (“More to Love”), to demonstrate SiriusXM’s clear market leadership and highlight unique product features that competitors can’t match.

Solium Annual Report
  • The Solium annual report was designed to tell two parallel stories—the first and main messaging relates to Solium corporate, while the second features Shareworks®, Solium’s leading software product. To achieve this differentiation, the book was designed with two page sizes, so that the main corporate story would fit onto the full size pages, while the Shareworks information fit onto the smaller sheets. Images, typography and colours support the corporate brand. A pocket folder built into the inside back cover allows the annual report to remain relevant all year—financials are tucked in for the first quarter; after that, the brochure continued to be used for the rest of year with updated quarterly reports or marketing collateral fitting into the pocket.

COM DEV Online Annual Report
  • 2014 marked the fortieth anniversary of COM DEV winning its first satellite contract. The annual report needed to position COM DEV as a market-leading satellite component manufacturer and demonstrate the company’s track record of technology leadership, while highlighting the forty-year milestone. TMX Equicom developed the theme “Forty years in space, improving life on earth” and wove it into the story as each segment features an area where COM DEV made a difference in people’s lives. Investors can simply scroll through the site to reveal archival photos juxtaposed with modern shots to tell the story. Video segments with voiceover were created to demonstrate the client’s leading technology and further enhance the interactive experience.

MFC Online Annual Report
  • Medical Facilities Corp. wanted to highlight the 10-year milestone and their achievements to date, with a forward-looking focus. This is also the company’s first online annual report. We used a one-page website format to allow users to scroll through the story, with interactive features like a clickable map and video. The overall goal of the annual report is to position MFC as a strong performer with a solid track record of success, and to highlight the quality of the investment.

Primary Energy Online Annual Report
  • The goal of the 2013 annual report was to demonstrate how Primary Energy’s solution benefits their clients, and in return, shareholders. We developed the online annual report as a scrolling story using analogies like Vanadium strengthening steel (many of their clients are in the steel industry). Simple to use, one can either click or scroll to active animated builds at a speed chosen by the user. A familiar top navigation is always present so that users can jump to different sections at any time.

CT REIT IPO Presentation
  • Canadian Tire wanted a compelling IPO for their Real Estate Investment Trust with a portfolio of more than 256 retail properties. The presentation was fully animated in Keynote and Powerpoint, and included a portfolio map, video, strong images and clear messages. Photography was integrated into many of the slides to showcase the properties. In addition to the presentation, TMX Equicom designed a custom pocket folder to hold the presentation, a double gate-fold cover prospectus, as well as business cards, name tags, signage and thank you notes.

TECSYS Investor Presentation
  • Surprisingly, hospitals spend more money managing their supply chain then they do on clinical and general labour. TECSYS plans to revolutionize how business is conducted in the healthcare sector with their superior warehouse management system. The presentation takes investors through the story and proves how TECSYS offers a solid ROI that can dramatically improve the bottom line for its clients. Bold numbers and icons convey the message in a memorable way that boring template style bullets can’t match.

Tim Hortons Investor Presentation
  • As the first investor conference since the introduction of CEO Marc Caira, Tim Hortons aimed to impress the investment community with the new direction and future potential of the franchise. TMX Equicom handled the brand direction, screen presentation and print binder design. Building on the iconic Tim Hortons brand, slides incorporated an off-white background and used a colour palette built from the brand identity. Whether it was creating a road lined with TimBits or a conjuring swimming pool full of Tim Hortons coffee, the design exceeded expectations with a high level of creativity, attention to detail and quick turnaround.

TransAlta Renewables Video
  • As part of the IPO marketing roadshow, TMX Equicom developed a video to introduce the newly formed TransAlta Renewables to the investment community. The objective of the video was to capture the audience’s attention, pique interest and leave them wanting to know more. The video set the stage for management’s presentation and built an emotional connection with the audience. The numbers, music, footage and script reinforce that TransAlta Renewables is quintessentially Canandian: large, established and low-risk. The video established that the company has the pedigree and scale to succeed in one of North America’s fastest growing energy markets.

Treasury Metals Video
Medicago Video
Tim Hortons Analyst Day
  • As the first investor day since the introduction of new CEO Marc Caira, Tim Hortons aimed to impress the investment community with the new direction and future potential of the franchise. TMX Equicom handled the event planning together with the brand direction, presentation design, print binder design and assembly of materials. From nametags to the webcast to catering dinner for the executive team at rehersals the night before, no detail was overlooked to build a complete white-glove experience at the investor conference.

Progressive Waste Investor Day
Sirius XM Canada AGM

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